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Centipedes may be found all over the US, and their many legs make them easy to identify if you get the chance to see them. However, you may not know they exist because they like to get out at night. Because they are often undetected, they can live in your home for several years.

Centipedes have a distinct look. They are long and can have around 100 legs, which is the basis for their name. However, the actual number may vary from 15 to almost 200. They are generally yellow to dark brown in color with some darker markings. They also range in size from less than one-quarter of an inch to six inches.

Habits of Centipedes

Centipedes can usually be found in yard under logs or stones, in piles of leaves or around the trash. When they come inside the house, they prefer basements, crawlspaces or bathrooms. They may also hide out in your plants.

While centipedes aren’t considered dangerous, the larger species can bite a person and cause pain. The bite area may swell, similar to if the person was stung by a bee. The bite from a centipede contains venom, which can make you sick.

To get rid of centipedes or prevent them from coming inside in the first place, you’ll want to close up any cracks or holes in the structure of your home. Weatherstripping will help keep them out as well as other pests.

Since these pests can live for many years, you could end up with a rather large infestation of them if not treated. You can contact All Natural Pest Elimination for a free inspection at 1-877-662-8449 to find out if you have these or any other pests in your home. We can get rid of the centipedes and other pests to make your home a less scary place.