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As Fall arrives and the winter weather arrives, you may begin to notice the absence of pests. No more pesky bugs and critters to get in your stuff or cause trouble. However, you shouldn’t be too quick to declare victory over your nemesis. It is likely they have just taken to a warmer abode, but one that is not far from your sight.


This time of year is prime time for spiders to lay their eggs and create nests. They will find a place where the nest will be undisturbed and build their web. They lay their eggs in a sack, which looks like a small white cotton bag. The spiders will place this sack in an inconspicuous place where no one will bother it. You might find these sacs under a bed or table, behind doors, inside closets and other dark places.

While the tiny sacs may seem harmless now, they won’t feel that way come spring when hundreds or even thousands of baby spiders hatch out. Even though all those little ones won’t stay around, you’ll end up with plenty of new potentially dangerous pests to deal with next year.


Those old wasp nests that bugged you when they were teaming with life may seem irrelevant now that it is colder. You may think the paper wasps and yellow jackets are gone, but they’re only hiding out until the weather is more to their liking in the spring. They will be dormant over the winter, but they haven’t left. Once the temperatures go up again, you’ll start to see them buzzing around.


Remember how busy the ants were during the summer as they were searching for food and carrying it to their homes. They are now safe inside, enjoying the fruits of their labor. Once it turns even colder, they will stay inside their well-built homes until the warm weather tells them it is time to get back to work.

Other irritating insects, such as cockroaches and even many spiders will move into your home from the outdoors. They will find a hole in the walls or move up into the attic or down in the basement where it is warm until winter comes to an end.

Mice and Rats

Fall and winter are the seasons when you see an increase in rodent problems. Sometimes, you may not even be aware of the new residents that have become your unseen roommates. They will make nests inside the walls, in attics and other areas where you may not spend much time. They will chew up materials to make their nests and eat on food boxes and packages in cabinets and the pantry.These creatures can be quite destructive even if you aren’t aware they are around.

Don’t assume that with the colder winter weather that your pest problems are gone. Many times, these pests are just waiting for warmer temperatures to arrive before making a reappearance. Others are moving in or planning to expand the family. To eliminate pests in any season, you need to contact All Natural Pest Elimination. Don’t let these pests live in your warm home and wreak havoc. Call us for a free pest inspection at 1-877-662-8449 and find out who is hiding in your house this winter.