Summer is coming and the sun is shining! Life is pretty wonderful except for one thing-ants. You may have noticed that the warmer it gets, the more little trails of ants you find. And while ants are an important part of the ecosystem, they are unwelcome guests in your kitchen. Below we’ve got some quick facts about these little invaders and two ways you can eliminate them from your home.

Sugar Ants

Among many types of ants to hit the Eugene and Medford area are the sugar and house ants. Sugar ants are known for their sweet tooth. And while this is pretty adorable, it’s not so adorable when they’re trailing into your home with all their buddies. Unfortunately for those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest, these ants prefer habitats with high moisture. On their hunt for a home, they may wander into yours especially if you have a lovely old home where there are likely more dark and cool places.

Preventative Measures

As you can imagine, the number one reason ants are making their way into your home is food. So what can you do to keep them out of your grub? It’s important to wipe up food spills immediately and store food in properly sealed containers. If there’s a crumb, there’s a chance for ants. So keep on top of spills. As for how they squeeze their way in, the culprit may be poorly sealed windows or doors. Make sure to check that there aren’t any broken screens on windows and that door seals aren’t broken. This complete check is especially important after the winter weather has taken its natural toll on your home.

Professional Pest Elimination

Perhaps you feel as though you’ve taken every preventative measure possible and the ants are still marching on. In this case we suggest contacting professionals, like us! We will come by and make a complete inspection of your home for free. Our pros know what they’re looking for and can find any reinforcements that need to made to keep pests out. We also have our own line of Eco-friendly products to treat your home.

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