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This year has seen a surge in the Oregon rat population. If you’re a homeowner and you’ve been surprised to see rats on your property, you’re not alone! As the weather begins to cool down outside, you’ll likely see more evidence of these little creatures seeking refuge in your home. Below we’ve outlined how you can identify if you have rats, what to do when you have them and how we can help.

Rat Facts

You may be most concerned about the upwards of 30 diseases that rats carry. While this is a very valid concern, it is unlikely that any homeowner would contract any of these diseases. Since rodents are nocturnal, it can be difficult to be sure you have an infestation. You can identify a rat infestation by the droppings they leave behind, chewed furniture/wires, urine spots, etc. While rats like to find a nest far away from human activity (like in a crawl space) their presence is still a risk for your family’s health.

Points of Entry

Interestingly, rats can squeeze through cracks smaller than you would think. So long as they can get their tiny skull through a space, the rest of their body will follow. Typical points of entry are cracked foundations. Once inside, rats can multiply quickly. A female rat can have up to 70 babies in a year! If left unidentified, a rat problem can easily get out of control.

All Natural Pest Elimination Can Help

Serving the Eugene, Roseburg and Medford areas, All Natural Pest Elimination specializes in eco-friendly rat exterminator. Instead of just baiting and trapping, we make sure to formulate exclusion methods. That way not only are we controlling your pests, we’re providing prevention as well. Our methods are safe and effective, always keeping your family’s safety in mind.


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