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Fleas have sucking mouth-parts, and as adults, feed on the blood of mammals or birds. Many species of fleas are very annoying because of their bites, and a few species are virus and bacterial disease carriers, diseases which include the dog tapeworm, for example. Also, some people and pets are known to develop allergic reactions to flea bites. Fleas are small insects, about quarter inch in length, laterally flattened, and red-brown to gray-black in color. They are wingless, and have long hind legs for jumping. Fleas in houses are usually linked to a pet or a visiting cat or dog. Wild animals also have fleas, so fleas can invade due to the presence of bats, birds, rats, mice, opossum, etc., in or around the house. Fleas may also be driven from outside into the house during prolonged periods of wet weather. Cat Fleas are by far the most widely encountered, but others include Dog Fleas, Human Fleas, and Bird Fleas.